I’m into music. I love different kind of music. But factor of liking may goes to the voices behind the song and how that voice made the song feels like a storytelling. And I love voices that has character, voices that impossible hard to forget.

Discovering new songs or music or singer is the other thing. Its nice to discovered a gem one at a time. As for me, it usually started from soundtrack of movie/series or I accidently found them based on others review.

Actually, what I want to tell you is, I discovered this cover version of Nirvana’s Come As You Are by Yuna (the cover was way different from the original), like, two days ago and it still got me. Like addiction (well, its more of her voice). Check this out:

Her voice’s soothed my ear. Hers is beautiful, almost worked like ecstasy to me. And I know I’ll keep her songs in my playlist until I don’t know when. But, its possible that her songs will stay for long time. Because I have downloaded her latest album, Nocturnal, and all the songs in it was sooo good. Now I’m on my way to go through her earlier works.

I like to incorporate a lot of different genres in my music, and, you know, having a sense of honesty and sincerity in the lyrics as well. But I’m still pop at the same time.

Dare to check out more about her? Here:

Yuna’s profile on Wikipedia

Yuna’s Youtube channel: YunaMusicOfficial

Official Site: Yuna Music


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