This vibe that New Year has brought is undeniable. Like it has done to you, this big moment makes me want to share my story of 2016 too.

Day 2.

Right to this moment, I am still a loser. For some personal reason, I choose to surrender and accept that although in some part I think I’ve achieved something but for most other parts I’m a still a failure. But still, I would like to reflect, count back things I’ve learned this past year.

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How Could You?


I did not see it coming.

The way she had always have activities outside and leave her children behind,
The way she had always have time to hangout, having fun not with her family,
should have warned me.

I remember someone’s Grandma saying.

No matter how much we love someone, or think we know them, we can never know what it is like to be inside them.

There. I have the explanation. And although I still can not stop wondering and thinking,‘how could you?’, time and the universe will give me clues of why you flee.

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Long Weekend Mau Ngapain?

Ke Pantai kayaknya enak. Sayang belum bisa segera direalisasikan ): (source:

Selamat pagi, all!

Alhamdulillaah ya, ada libur yang jatuh di hari Senin. Akhir pekan bakal terasa lebih lama. Gimana dengan kalian? Ada rencana jalan-jalan? Eh, atau malah sudah dalam perjalanan bahkan sampai di tujuan tempat liburan?? It must be exciting! 😎

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