[MP] A Tanka from The Garden Of Words

Narukami no sukoshi toyomite

sashi kumori

amemo, furanu ka?

kimi wo todomemu

Narukami no sukoshi toyomite

furazu to mo

warewa tomaramu

imoshi todomeba


A faint clap of thunder

clouded skies

Perhaps rain comes

If so, will you stay here with me?

A faint clap of thunder

Even if rain comes not

I will stay here

If you, too, stay

The Garden of Words (2013), the trailer:

It’s a beautiful and melancholic anime movie. I’ll post the review about it later.

Author: Faraziyya

Ordinary. Nothing Extra.

9 thoughts on “[MP] A Tanka from The Garden Of Words”

  1. Wooww,, so interesting! The movie was directed by Makoto Shinkai, who also directed 5 centimeters per second, also the male lead character is voiced by Irino Miyu. Can hardly wait to watch it!


    1. Please spare your time, it was really good. It was slow and quite yet somehow has a way to get your emotion. I cry at some parts, but maybe it’s just me – a crybaby πŸ˜₯


      1. Even just by watching the trailer, somehow I felt a warm sensation inside my heart. I cried when watching 5 cm/second and may cry when watching this one, too πŸ™‚


      1. Just saw this post. 3 years later. I loved the movie enough to find the original source of this tanka, The Manyoshu. Have you read it? I’m curious because the translation in the movie is close in spirit, but off on the actual translation itself:

        IF the thunder rolls for a while
        And the sky is clouded, bringing rain,
        Then you will stay beside me.
        EVEN when no thunder sounds
        And no rain falls,
        if you but ask me,
        Then I will stay beside you.

        Have you read the actual Manyoshu?


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