EF #2: Wildest Dream

When I came across Eka’s post, I got to know about BEC & EF projects. It sounds interesting. So without further a do, I read (almost) through and through about BEC and the updates on the blog of the inventor of this challenge: Mas Dani, Mas Ryan and Mba Nita. Oh right, nice to meet you all πŸ™‚

And here, I’m going to talk about wildest dream. My wildest dream.

First, I think wild is relative if we want to give the definition into it. And in my opinion It’s a wild dream if the dream you had, isΒ almost beyond your reach. Or, is it not? Tell me.

wildlife1coverindFor me, one of my wildest dream is my dream to be a vet. Long ago, I loved Wild Life, manga series by Fujisaki Masato. I adore Tesshou who has the ability to listen to animals, thanks to his perfect pitch. With that ability, he could examine sick animals and knew what went wrong with their body.

He wasn’t smart, definitely not a good boy either but he knew he wanted to be a vet. Heck, the animals charmed by him. By the first volume, he befriend an Akita dog –Inu (literally the dog in Japanese, he named it that way) and started off their adventure and met various wild animals in the continuation volume.

I imagine, it must be nice to be close with animals. Trying to know their unspoken language and in return having one source of happiness. Just because they were part of nature that given to us but has the potential to entertained us and living along with human life.

Tesshou was just like Dickon, my favorite character from The Secret Garden.Β He’s a cheerful soul and animal charmer. His life seems to me the happiest life when what he did was just being part with nature.

Sorry. I drag you far away from what supposed to be the reason of my wildest dream to be a vet. This profession is one close way to what I imagine a happy life living along with the animals. While another profession like a zoo keeper, too, was a possible choice.

But this dream become a wildest dream because I only had it in mind. My admiration has not yet moved me to go and reach it. You see, that’s why I add this dream of mine as the wildest one. It’s just that its impractical to me, to what I had now in my life, to my situation. If only its forgivable to ever hope to turn back the time, I’ll make myself walking my future to veterinary world.

That’s what I can think as my wildest dream. What’s yours?

Author: Faraziyya

Ordinary. Nothing Extra.

15 thoughts on “EF #2: Wildest Dream”

    1. great to join together with BEC too, mba mikan πŸ™‚
      It’s hard for me to say it but I have no formal job now because of some situation. I’m building my dream again though, the realistic dream πŸ˜€


      1. Ziyy we are in the same boat πŸ˜„ though circumstances might be different but the same position. Yes, re-building or starting new is not easy but brace yourself. We can come out as winners!

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    1. hewan kan menggunakan gelombang audio yg beda dengan manusia, nah Tesshou punya kelebihan untuk mendengar gelombang audio itu. dia tahu kalau satu binatang itu sakit karena binatang itu akan aemancarkan suara yang ngga wajar. Jadi bukan seperti dia mendengar hewan ‘berbicara dengan bahasa manusia’ macam Dr. Dolitlle. Hehhe πŸ˜€

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  1. Sometimes animals can be our best friend ever. They are loyal and can healing your stress. You have a common thing like my sis in law. She like animal so much, hug and kiss it without hesitate. She even can make a bird stand still in her shoulder and carrying it around. It amazing for me. The animal that i like only chicken, it just so tasty, muahahhahahahha XD


  2. Even though we could not understand what animals say, but we can make relation with one of them. For me, cat is the best. I am totally awake that I can not understand what he (my cat is male) want, but I believe he know what I say. Haha. πŸ™‚ It’s not about wildest dream.


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