[SLS Creative Space] Writing & Photography Workshop

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ..

Harusnya postingan ini bisa dipublish di hari senin lalu, biar lebih fresh. Tapi kemudian kemalasan yang bertopeng kesibukan saya lebih mendominasi hingga akhirnya pagi ini saya baru membuat postingan yang akan menjadi laporan pandangan mata dari saya tentang workshop besutan @syarilifestyle yang mengangkat good content dan basic photo tips untuk social media.

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Lately I am experiencing a common life where people get busy with their job and ended up exhausted at the end of the day that they have less time to spend on doing other things but to prioritize resting so they could regain energy for the next day. It’s good, actually. It shows that I’m being productive and being productive has always been the goal that I seek for.

Not only being busy with work, I also have house chores to complete. I know others also has it on their plate and I don’t mean to complain but truth be told, work and house chores has drained the life off me. I don’t really have times to read, not anymore. I don’t really have times to hang out. I don’t really have times to look after myself. Besides, I have a side job now as one of content writer under Kontenesia. For this side job, I’ve made a room and willing to commit to exercise writing more and more.

I assure myself that this way of life is the best option for now, I know it is. Still, I’m looking forward to more productive things that will boost my life. So that 26 years of my life (and still counting) walking towards better future. Keep up the spirit!