verb (used with object), re·set, re·set·ting.
- to set again:
- to set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way:

verb (used without object), re·set, re·set·ting.
- to become set again:

- an act or instance of setting again.
- an act or instance of setting, adjusting, or fixing something in a new or different way:
- something that is set again.
- a device used in resetting an instrument or control mechanism.

I’m not the type to celebrate New Year but still, I can’t really detach myself from using the moment. Not that I’m using it as a time setting for resolutions because I’m always weak at figuring out what I really want (I somehow lack the ability to visualize the future that I want).

So, what exactly I’m using the New Year moment for?

Well, I use this moment to reset. Like I use Sunday to reset. Like I use every last day of the month to reset.

These past 2 years, when I have more time to myself, I got to zoom in more to ‘the inside’ of me. I got to really face myself and deal with my fluctuating mental states. Along the way, I learn that one of many ways that work to at least calm me down and avoid messy states to come too often is to reset every once in a while.

I got this need of reset basically after watching (quite) many productivity videos that constantly popped out in youtube suggestions. And the nice thing about adopting the reset routine (actually every kind of routine) is that you get to just take ‘the idea’ and after that, you can just modify it to your liking and according to what you really need. And as I see this reset routine benefitting me, I’d like others to know that they can use it too. See if it’s a help for you too.

But it’s not that I’d share my reset routine here. I apologized for that because I’m not confident enough to let the world know and I think it’s better to keep it to myself. Also, other productivity influencers already have convincing reset routines that you can take the advice from (for example @muchelleb or @rowenatsai, they both have lots of videos about reset routines -and I find them helpful).

However, even though I didn’t share my kind of reset routines here, I have found that the process that was included in the reset routine was the same as the words from the picture above: pause. breathe. resume. They sum it in the easiest way possible because when you are about to do the reset routine, you need to pause. At the same time, you’re breathing literally and metaphorically -where the kind of breathing you’re doing is you taking the oxygen (and we can define it as taking the energy). And the after of reset routine is about resuming the actions. Make sense, right?

With that, don’t you think ‘reset’ is a kind of powerful word?

Author: Faraziyya

Ordinary. Nothing Extra.

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