December 22nd

I can not recall many things about you, mom. But how I feel about no longer having you is still the same. I still miss you on so many occasions. I’m feeling lonely most of the time, and the more significant reason for the loneliness that I have is you. No longer having you around. No longer having dad around too. I never realized that no parent was this big of a deal because I used to yearn for my time alone (when the truth is, I’m just impatient when you were both still in the picture). How ungrateful I was.

I just don’t know what to say any more on this celebratory day. I want to stay quiet and not say anything, but seeing others celebrate it in their own way, seeing others happiness is blinding. I can not help but feel this ache of missing you.

Author: Faraziyya

Ordinary. Nothing Extra.

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