[dari arsip lama]

I’d like to start this year with a line from Yuri-san. In a ride back home (a scene from episode 9 of a dorama called Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu) , she said “You can go much father than you think.”

It slipped easily from her mouth yet it made me think really hard. I thought it’s powerful, encouraging. At least for me. For a person like me that easily get distracted by small things.
Distraction has cost me great portion of time. And the more I think the more I come to a conclusion that that’s it; my biggest problem. Distractions took so much of my time yet I got nowhere.
I can not go farther if I keep losing to the distractions. I feel relieved to finally realized that. So the next thing after realizing what has gone wrong with my life, is to find the answer to how can I manage to keep focusing on things I’d like to achieve. How to fulfill my life, and get closer to the finest achievement a muslim can get later, in afterlife.
I am not going to make an affirmation, sharing it here out loud about things like resolution, goals, etc. Because I believe in silent prayer. That instead of showing it to the world to know, you just need to whisper it to The All Hearing (As Sami’). And after that? I agree that we will need these two things: Heart and Courage.
May Allah ease our effort in creating a fulfilling life. Aamiin 🙂

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