Life is a journey



This vibe that New Year has brought is undeniable. Like it has done to you, this big moment makes me want to share my story of 2016 too.

Day 2.

Right to this moment, I am still a loser. For some personal reason, I choose to surrender and accept that although in some part I think I’ve achieved something but for most other parts I’m a still a failure. But still, I would like to reflect, count back things I’ve learned this past year.

Traces from this blog

In January, I wrote a review about a movie called Tausiyah Cinta. I participated in Blogging101 course, which I failed. I wrote a post that inspired from a word, well a powerful word: to persevere. And then after 4 posts in January, I went awol.

I made a comeback in July with a post where I shared a music video of a song called Moving Mountains by Skylar Grey. I remember getting really attached to this song because the lyrics it has -where I just can relate to myself. Not only posting about that song, I shared a Recap of how My Ramadhan this year was going.

In August, I remember having fun with people from the work. We went to Dunia Fantasi, retreating from work-load and just enjoying every moment together. I remember recharging from this event. But I have no trace on this blog in September. It should be a special month, remembering my birthday happened to be on the first day of September. Well I guess it’s just not that special, September of last year.

In October, I started working on my company’s other branch office. I don’t think it’s right to call it an office, so I’m going to call it a workplace. I inhabit this workplace for 3 months but so many things I’ve gained by working there. I met inspiring people, experiencing powerful-startup-vibe, and I collected pieces by pieces thoughtful values of life. I had this incredible feelings I brought back when I comeback to my original workplace. I wish I could continue these seeds of dream in my daily life even after being apart from them physically.

And then, I went through November and December being busy with loads from work. That’s it, I guess. Or maybe it’s me lacking the words to fully define what has going on in 2016’s of mine.

And to start 2017,

You can go much farther than you think


2 thoughts on “Retreat

    1. Itu aku ambil dr satu episode dorama jepang. Hehhe. Pas nonton itu semalem, kalimat itu terasa klik aja. Jadi aku ambil. Padahal sederhana, dan mgkn aku bisa dapat dr sumber lain 😁

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