Ramadan Recap


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Today is the last day of Ramadan, unfortunately. And while it’s still here, I’d like to replay the last 29 days that I’ve spent. To know how much I’ve developed myself. To start this post, if I am about to resume my Ramadan this year, I would say that this year my Ramadan is better than last year. Slightly better.

Alhamdulillah. Allah has chosen me to embrace Ramadan again this year and not wanting to waste the opportunity, I joined Productive Ramadan online course from Productive Muslim Academy. It’s pretty much helped me to be determined enough about how I want my Ramadan to be. (Though I missed the lesson big time, still I keep them to study on later)

I also subscribed on the video lecture that publish online from NAK & Omar Sulaeman fanpage. It was helpful and enlightening. The videos has given me a calming feeling every time I finish watching them. It provokes me to think, letting myself to muhasabah and searching ways to repair the past damaged I’ve done to myself and to improve.

Not only that, Alhamdulillah, Allah has chosen me to reliving I’tikaf moments (since last year I can not attend I’tikaf, not even a single night). Finished with my monthly period, I got the chance to take 3 nights of I’tikaf (from the night of 27 Ramadan until the morning of 29 Ramadan). That 3 nights was really powerful. It’s ecstatic. Not to mention that what I’m craving from Ramadan is the I’tikaf that comes with it. Therefore I have always looking forward to spent the end of Ramadan by I’tikaf in the mosque. But the rest of these I’tikaf moments, I’ll let it only be in my memory.


I’m not ready to part with this beautiful, powerful month. I hate to say goodbye to Ramadan. But like it has always been, Ramadan has it endings. T~T

I can only hope that Allah choose me again to have Ramadan next year (Aamiin) T~T

Wait. Don’t be too sad (I told myself), remember what Ustadz Nouman has said in one of his interview: “(after Ramadan) set goals in Ramadan that you know it won’t pass in (this) Ramadan. Why? So that you have a list to do, goals to achieve that will make you busy to complete them. Goals to achieve that will make you prepare yourself for the next Ramadan. That goals, emphasize them!”

And next, he said: “..the best way to keep up motivation is being around people that highly motivated or the people that keep you from going in to a slump.”

As for me, I would listen to those message and I’ll create a list (on progress), a set of goals that I’d like to achieve in the next months. I hope by doing that, the next Ramadan (if Allah let me to have it again next year) will be more awesome than it already has. I hope by doing that, myself will become a better version of me right now.

O Allah, please ease the way. O Allah, please grant me days of productivity that will build the better version of me. Aamiin.

note: I don’t intend this post to brag but to keep a record so that I could open it again the next time I need it.