Day 2: Changing the tagline

Hello, there!

Today’s task is to “edit your title and tagline”. However, I still don’t want to change my original title, which called Faraziyya. That title has always been a name. Kind of my signature. My identity in online world. So first, I’m so sorry that I can not follow the instructions to change the title. Different with changing the title, changing tagline is easier. And here is how I change my old tagline to the new one.

the late header

For my old tagline, I quoted Nayyirah Waheed poem (which title I’ve forgotten). It was so beautiful and feel soft. I really loved it.

Not yet finding my own words, again, I used a fragment from one of Nayyirah Waheed’s poem for the new tagline.

nayyirah waheed quotes

I chose the last two lines.

A memory to someone.

A home to a life.


It’s pretty much because those two lines sounds like this blog (has been and still) about to be : A memory and a home to me. As simple as that.

What about yours?




2 thoughts on “Day 2: Changing the tagline

  1. A blog is indeed, a home for life’s memories :hehe. About my title and tagline, I actually find them suddenly crossed my mind :haha, but it may be because I love to hear stories that people has forgotten, and I love to visit places that is less popular because it’s old and boring :haha. I do believe that they have a lot of stories, a lot of traces to be found and shared to other people :hehe.
    I just love history, I think :p.

    1. I love history too, Gara.
      Though I love it better when it’s world history rather than my own country :peace ^^v
      And when it comes to books, my favorite genre is historical fiction #oot

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