Hello! It’s me. Again.

I decided to join Blogging101 course. Again. And as you have guessed, the very first task is to introduce our self (and that, I’ve done before -> here). But let’s just follow the guide question: “who I am and why I am here”.

Who am I?

A mere blogger.

I’m just an ordinary worker who follow the life of working from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. But to make ends meet, I had another job. A part-time job as a tutor for 2 boys (both are still in their elementary school).

Sometimes it can be hard to get through the time, working on 2 jobs that a real contrast to each other. But, I have enjoyed them. As much as I can. Because it’s useless to get upset about it. Right?

Despite the life I’m living that seems pretty busy (but sometimes, not really), I try my best to still giving a room for myself. To read. To write down my thoughts. The later one is the answer to next question: why I am here.

Why am I here?

To blog. To write down my thoughts. Maybe not too loud but at least I have a separate place to record what I’m writing. Though the question to the ‘how useful is my writing for others?’ cannot be quickly answered. However, I am very positive that I’ll grow together with this blog (and my other blog). I knew that my posts, later, will get better and better in its content. I’ll just need to write.. and write.. and read .. and explore .. and think .. and write it down. Right?

Why blogging publicly instead of personal journal?

It’s been a while since I joined wordpress. I’ve just passed my 7 years here. At first, I never really meant it to be a public blog with many followers. Not once. In fact, now I still just have few followers compared to the other (or you). But as time went by, the urge to have more; to be more; to get more, came and bothered me. That’s why I think that this Blogging101 course could also be a solution.

Still, I don’t think to go pro or popular. This kind of situation now is enough. I will only post the things I’d like to post. I will not having a niche to brand this blog and make it exclusive. Not because I don’t want to but because at this time I don’t have anything special that I can offer to be the niche or the soul to this blog.

There are still few questions from the guide line that came to my mail this morning, like:

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

To be honest, they’re all hard questions but I will contemplate on them and try to answer it to myself.

I guess that’s it for the introduction. See you on the next task! Bye


14 thoughts on “Hello! It’s me. Again.

  1. My friend once said, “Just write anything you like as long as you’re happy and don’t get burdened because of it.” I think that’s so true. The most important thing before we write for other people is that we write for ourselves and we’re happy about it. We write for being happy, right?
    Good luck for the assignments! I hope that you’ll get a lot of fun when writing posts like this :amin.

  2. The story from the heart will always be genuine. No matter if it’s an advertorial or not, it will shine all the way the readers sip it. *halah, but true. Well, at least that’s from my perspective as a reader. So, just write wholeheartedly, firstly for yourself, and the rest will follow.

    1. Sebuah course dr wordpress buat optimize blog qt.
      Jadi nanti bakalan dikasih task setiap harinya. Entah bikin postingan, mengubah tampilan, atau follow blog baru.

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