To Persevere

I came across this verb when I’m using Memrise app to help me teaching myself many languages. This verb, to persevere, that means ‘to keep going in spite of obstacles’ is an interesting verb. Also, kind of powerful word (verb). Don’t you think so?

Along with this verb, there is this Japanese movie called Biri Gal. A movie that live up the story of a high school girl who was once a rebellious girl worked her way to attend one of the famous colleges in Japan. Obstacles are many, and in the movie we will see how it comes one by one and how it almost (literally) kill her. But persevere, she did. And the dream to prove to the world that someone as rebellious as her could attend top college is happening.

*Somehow, for me, this word is spreading courage. About how everything that went in your way will happen if it’s meant to be but it’s really your will that you have to look through and take care of. Because when your will is there, you are one step ahead to success (in whatever terms and means).

**I think I want to make a review about this Biri Gal movie. Maybe on may next post


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