I’m a bit surprise to read the anniversary notification today. I mean, 7 years? For real?

I can not believe that I could still maintained this site and not yet close it down. That I could still update it with one or two unimportant post -_-#

In these 7 years, many things happened. When I look back to the old posts, I realized that I have change. I managed to be calmer, more content and careful. But it seems that’s what makes my post became quieter, shorter and shallow. That was the unfortunate side of the story. However, I believe I’m still learning and I know that I won’t stop here. I will still expecting better tomorrow in my life and in my blogging life.


Today is not only the D-day for my blog but also the birthday of my dear little sister. From the deepest of my heart, I pray for her better future.

We’re celebrating her birthday by having family dinner in one of family restaurant at Kemang. We really have great time because we rarely have a family day out.


Last but not least, today we have a new family member; a Himalayan baby cat called Nomnom (short for Naomi). The calm and sleepyhead baby cat that will add colors to our days.



One thought on “Older

  1. Happy birthday for this blog :hehe. Saya tidak bisa memberi wejangan atau saran yang banyak :haha, tapi selalu ada yang bisa disyukuri dari perjalanan dan perkembangan blog. Tulisan yang ada jangan dihapus Mbak… beneran deh, saya mohon :hehe. Terlalu sayang, kan mereka adalah anak-anak Mbak juga. Ya masa sih mau membunuh anak sendiri?

    Maaf kalau komentarnya sotoy!

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