Nowadays, in my free time, I prefer watching tv series I’ve downloaded the night before to reading books. That’s why I am so left behind in achieving my Goodreads Reading Challenge (for example). Well, I’m not going to rant about books or how I abandoned them. Nope (but maybe in another post). I’m going to talk about tv series that started this fall and definitely worth to follow (the pilot episode will definitely convince you!). Here they are: Limitless, CBS.

The exciting part about this series is that the envious feeling you’ll get when Brian Finch worked his brain to the fullest every time he took NZT pill. Ha! I really would want that kind of drug (though I fear for its addiction). Just imagine it, you’ll get every brain cells to work 100% that there’s no room to waste. Everything is possible because you could access every neuron you’ve got.

Code Black, CBS.

code black:

An influx of patients so great there aren’t enough resources to treat them.

Maybe it’s because I crave for more Night Shift episodes that never failed to break my heart. But this one, Code Black, is seriously a good series to watch.

Quantico, ABC.

This one, the last that I’m about to pursue you to watch is a series about FBI training set at Quantico and its tangled conspiracy. I’m excited to follow this series because its diversity characters. I never expected it would be intriguing.

Honorable mention: Blindspot, NBC.

It’s not that I’m less excited about Blindspot. It sure has a promising story line. Go watch the trailer! It’s just that I haven’t watch the pilot.


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