I’m starting this post at 03.13 in the morning of August 25th, 2015. And it took 17 days to write again after I definitely told you that I’ll be back in the last post.

Anyway…. How’s life? Well, life has been good to me. God blessed me with every possible good things that could happen to such a weak and sinful person like me :’)

Where have you been? I’m not going anywhere far. But yes, real life got me so that’s why I’ve been MIA from online world (including blogging and goodreads-ing).

Really, maybe it was because I’ve been away and not writing (blog post or reviews like I frequently did besides reading books) for quite a long time (three month’s definitely not a mere number) and it got me! I just lost everytime I tried to write something here. I have lost words (or maybe I don’t have them in the first place 😦 )

Maybe these picture could describes my recent daily life better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*sorry, they were mostly taken from my Company Outing event that held not too long ago. Why them? Because that event was the most exciting moment I had for the past 3 months 😀


One thought on “Everyday

  1. Yeah, I think since you spend your time with doing good (and useful) activities, I won’t say that you had wasted your time. Being away from these writing things sometimes good for refreshing our heads, and make the ideas flow more smoothly without any obstacle :)). Welcome back (again)! You should share some stories from the outing, and also about the books shown in the gallery above. I bet those books are pretty interesting.

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