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EF #19 The Girl With Science in Her Name

For you, a thousand times over.

A quotable line from Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. It has been widely known by thousands of The Kite Runner’s reader and it is my most favorite quote. The thing is, I especially shared this quote with this one special person. I loved to answer to her with that line, for her I’d say ‘for you, a thousand times over’ just because. It was almost like a secret code that always content multitude meanings just as how much she meant to me.

She was just a friend. I could not say we’re close enough to call ourselves best friends but we are good friends to each other. We did not really have frequent interactions in real life because we lived far from each other and rarely meet. I haven’t even met her since her wedding, which was 2 years ago. However, we try to keep in touch online.

I think that something could be called memorable enough if it was already done, or has gone. That’s why the memory of it stays safe in our mind. In this case, she and I, are still friends even by only exchanging words online. So why did I bring this story here? Well, I’d like to reminisce my memorable past with her.

I met her when we were in grade 8 junior high school. She was a transferred student from a boarding school. She was this charismatic girl back then. She was smart (still is), humble and friendly. She’s the first bookish I’ve ever met and from her I learned to be one. That’s why she would always be in my mind every time I recall my junior high school life or at times when I want to share my bookish journey. I adore her as much as I admire her, I bet other friends too. She’s one of a kind, you know, the person that would always leave a footprints in every step she made. Maybe enough to be called as a remarkable person (I hope I’m not exaggerating because she hates when people praise her).

My feeling towards her is admiration. She was blessed with good parents, good family,a kind heart and intelligence. I can’t help myself but to like her. And that’s even more when she shared with me her love of books and reading. I have so much good talks with her back then, she expanded my knowledge about so many things. She would always let me know when she has just brought new books, and let me borrowed them afterward. She was easygoing as much as she was strict about some principle things.

I had this deep feelings like, I like her so much she’s my role model in living life but also someone so dear I’d always try to treat her rightly.

Have you met someone like her in your life? A memorable person that you feel so grateful to ever knew her/him once in your life?


14 thoughts on “EF #19 The Girl With Science in Her Name

  1. Yeah, cool people are everywhere. Sometimes we miss noticing them because we think we are the coolest and other people are not as cool as we are. But of course cool and special people are everywhere. 😀

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