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EF #18 Books and Me

It has been a while, right, fellas? I have skipped 8 challenges and if you’d like to know why, I don’t think I have a better explanation other than I have no idea what to write everytime the challenges come out. Even for this week, I barely grip the definition of complicated relationship. But this time I’l try to make my opinion about complicated relationship.

Complicated relationship is relationship in which two objects are connected (or in relation) but there is never a clear status. They’re attached but can not be called as couple. They did things that considered as affection between each other, maybe when they’re together they naturally did that, but there’s no clarity about what define their relationship. I think that’s all this complicated relationship that has commonly understood (from what I’ve read through some sources).

But that terms come when it’s about love, isn’t it? Or between humankind?

Arrrgh.. I don’t know :-/

Maybe because I have not been in one (as long as I remember) 😳

Can’t we just turn this talk, please? Can I just share to you my relationship with books?

Please …. I am begging you..

“I leapt eagerly into books. The characters’ lives were so much interesting that the lonely heartbeat of mine.” -Josie Moraine, Out of The Easy.

I don’t know when it was exactly started, I didn’t mark the time when I touch or read or devour book for the first time. Maybe there’s not much to tell, the process, but now I’m pretty much sure I have turned into a bookish. Now I’m a girl who love books too much. A girl who need stories like it was her everyday meals.

I know my relationship with books is mostly mutual and though they can not talk I hope they would agree with my statement :mrgreen: . And why do I say it’s a mutual relationship? Because books were written to be read and I am willingly read them. I enjoy them, most times. And they never complain though 🙄

See, the problem with a girl who love books too much is that they’re sometimes getting delusional. Fictional characters are their friends, they prefer to live in tales than in reality. Fictional characters (book boyfriend) ruin them for a real man. And that’s the consequences I’ve got from engaging with books.

My friends told me that once I read book (when I’m around with them), it seems that I’m traveling into another world because I barely listen to them or engaged in their conversations. I got this blank look when suddenly they call me and I answer with confused expression. As if I don’t get what they’re talking about -which it’s true, most time I hardly catch up with our conversation.

Relationship is a state of being connected, right? And as in connected means there are mutual/exchanging treatments. In my case, as a prove that I love them #ehm, I care for their being. I mean, other than reading them, I care for their condition. I got them bookcase, I wrapped them in plastic cover so it’s in less potential they got dirt on their cover. I read and finish the story that’s inside them and left them in good condition (I don’t flip the pages and rarely write on the margin or highlighted the words with marker).



Really, this post is so far from complicated relationship talks. What I share in here is nothing complicated. I’m sorry to distract you guys. But really, though it sounds very mutual, sometimes I have to face some complicated situation like whenever I act like a hoarder by adding more and more books and they become a growing piles which I’d never know when will I could ever finish reading them. I have that guilty pleasure, and I am sure every other bookish has it.


ps: so sorry to get you distracted like this 😳


5 thoughts on “EF #18 Books and Me

  1. I can definitely relate to your story. Though not as intense as yours with book, I also have that kind of relationship with it and it’s somewhat complicated. Haha

  2. Wehehe, somehow for me I have a complicated relationship with books because I haven’t finished so many books properly. If they can talk they could do “demo” and walk away from my bookshelf 😀

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