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EF #9 Mizan Blogger’s Gathering

For this week’s challenge, I choose to share with you my meet-up experience that I have back in 2012. I doubt I could share you the details but I’ll try.

So, back in April 2012 -that time Multiply was still active, Mizan (one of big publisher in Indonesia) has initiated a gathering. They summoned bloggers to joined in, but it’s quite exclusive since not all the bloggers who have registered would be approved to attend the meeting. Lucky me, and my other four blogger friends, to be approved and able to participated.

These four blogger-friends of mine (aisemangka, rifzahra, novikhansa, yuniezalabella), were my friends from Multiply. We have met before. The first time when the information of this gathering has reached us, we suggested to joined it together and planned it also as a trip since it was held in Bandung. Fortune has been on our side that all five of us has the opportunity and we were so happy that we went as a full team.

Fast forward to the event, the gathering was held in Amarossa Hotel, Bandung. The participants were vary, they’re food bloggers, travel bloggers, tech bloggers, fashion bloggers, or mere daily life bloggers like us. I supposed, Mizan has this idea to embraced us to be an author of a book. Motivated us to make a book solely from our blogging activities. You see, that time around, we have Trinity with his travel book based on her travel blog. Maybe Mizan wanted to continue this phenomenon of bloggers celebrating their writings into a book.

The guests for the gathering were Muhammad Assad (famous for his Notes from Qatar series -were also based on his blog) and Pidi Baiq (a lecturer who’s an author of several books). The guests share valuable information and motivated us. Pidi Baiq was definitely entertained us with his witty humor and outstanding performance in singing poetic-humoric lyrics. After the guests, we have a line of people behind the publishing introduced to us. Making us know who to reach when we wanted to published our writings in the future.

The gathering was a great meet-up I’ve ever had.

About the trip I’ve had besides the gathering: The day before the gathering, the four of us (missed yuniezalabella) visited Saung Angklung Udjo. Having a great time there too. And after the gathering, the four of us, took a stroll to ITB. We visited Masjid Salman and have a leisure afternoon there before took a walk around Dago, taking pictures here and there. After that, we had dinner in one of the busiest seafood restaurant which I forgot its name but I remember that we spent quite amount of times waiting for our order. Having our stomach full, we retreat to Masjid Darut Tauhid and spent the night there for the next day we’d returned home by train in the morning.

See? Not enough details, right? The gathering was held long time ago. Not only bad with remembering moments, I’m also sucks at details. Forgive me! But I hope you get the story I’ve shared here.


23 thoughts on “EF #9 Mizan Blogger’s Gathering

    1. Mas Ryan, remember, you should not call me mba since I’m way younger than you 😛
      Yes, we’ve been lucky to be approved and able to attended that gathering.

      Unfortunately, I have not yet published any book :mrgreen:

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      1. Hahahaha. Padahal sih dg manggil Mba biar aku keliatan muda gitu (bhs Inggrisnya susah jd Indo aja)
        Saya sudah lupa id MP dulu apa.
        Jangan2 kalau Mizan ikutan book fair Mba pasti ada nih.


        1. Nope. I’m not a part of Mizan. And this gathering didn’t require us a commitment. They tried to facilitated us, bloggers, but it depends on the bloggers.
          Unfortunately, the continuation of the gathering didn’t last long.

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          1. Ooo too bad. But I think I remembered that during that time blogger’s book were booming. Like Raditya Dika
            I think that was the reason Mizan do the gather.


          2. Yap, Raditya Dika was one of the example and yes, it was probably their reason too. They would like to know their chances to follow what Gagas has done with Raditya Dika.

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          3. Me too, I didn’t follow his work. Kambing Jantan was enough for me.
            Suka sih buku yang penuh humor, cuma saya tipikal pembaca yang ngga puas cuma dengan buku yang dibaca untuk menghibur aja. I aim for more! *what a greedy reader :mrgreen:

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          4. Nope. That’s what I’m looking for also. My sister also commented about our tv drama series. Why not many put the value insight? That’s why she asked me to write a good script. But I’m not experience in that


  1. Your photos give more details to me, so I think this post has completely explained the situatuon of the meeting and things that you’ve done there. As people said, a picture tells a thousand words, and I have to admit that the proverb is true :)).
    You had done a great job as you’ve taken the secret key’s photo :hihi. Thank you :)).
    It surely is an unforgettable journey, I bet. What a wonderful kopdar.


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