Hello, World!

Bandung Desember 2012

Nervous and excited at the same time, for today is the first day of Blogging 101 course. It’s not the first Blogging 101 course ever held but it is my first time joining in. Every day, at 7 am (Jakarta) I’ll receive an email about Blogging 101’s assignment. And today, Day One, the task is to introduce ourselves to the world. So here I am, saying hello to the world! :bigsmile:

I have blogged for 6 year. At first, it was just about agreeing an advice from my dear friend who’ve experienced blogging before me. I long to be a writer, it has been like that since I love reading. But to be one, is a question that need an answer. I sincerely thought that blog would be my place to exercise writing. But years gone by and I just blogged about things from my daily life and random things but got amnesia about my dream to be an author. Ironic, isn’t it?

In the years of blogging, wordpress is not my only place. Have you ever heard about Multiply? Not long after I made a wordpress blog, I joined Multiply. Again, my (other) friend introduced me to Multiply which was more fun place to get socialized. Multiply has great features like a special column to review (music, movie, book, etc), their interface were user-friendly too and they had tons of beautiful blog theme. Unfortunately, Multiply has long been shut down.

I also have a Tumblr. By now you’ll probably laugh at my silly inconsistency in blogging. Why did I have a Tumblr? I’m not sure. Tumblr was just another platform to blog, but it has something that differentiated it from another platform. In Tumblr, I have found so many lovely picture and quotes. The simplicity was also one thing that appealed about Tumblr. Until now, my tumblr is still working (but don’t ask about the updates πŸ˜› ).


Faraziyya's Bookshelf Logo


In the middle of 2012, I made a book-blog using wordpress and now a sub to this blog. It’s called Faraziyya’s Bookshelf. The progress was definitely better than what this blog has achieved (already has more follower and growing in stable statistics). Maybe it was because it has a focus on book and reading activities. Also, I’ve registered it to the biggest book-blogger club in Indonesia (BBI – Blog Buku Indonesia) so I have my share of audience from that circle. You can come by at my book-blog if you want to, just click the banner. πŸ˜‰

Back to this blog, in the future I’d like this blog to continue its existence in (at least) Indonesia’s blogosphere. Heck, I’ll be glad even if my audience were only my old circle or ex-multipliers (which I’m still trying to bond with). I may have no special topic to be brought here, since the topic I’m fond of is book and I already separated it in different blog. However, I’ll keep entertaining my follower with stories from my daily life, thoughts about movie or TV series I’ve watched, sharing values of life, sharing the poems or songs that I loved, or one to two post about serious things like opinion about happening issues (which would be rare but I’ll try to at least say something).

In the mean time, I can promise you Friday weekly post that will feature challenges from English Friday. Oh right, I’ve also just started Monday weekly post that will feature (my selection of) poems and I’ll also try to write pieces (as in producing works of fiction –I really need to push myself hard about this one). I hope you’ll enjoy them in the future.

So that’s my introduction, pardon my English, I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to leave a comment below. See you!

By the way, I go online with nick: Faraziyya but you can just call me Ziyy 😎


14 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Six years! Wow.
    I haven’t ever experienced Multiply, but I have read a lot of blogs whose author used to me Multiply’s members.
    Thanks for sharing the story!

        1. I’ll try my best mba Mikan, I’ll make sure to share it here when it happens πŸ™‚
          Still, I’m not brave enough to promise you anything 😐

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