*inspired by Broken (2012)

On the nights when it’s hard for her to sleep, he’ll see her to bed.

Assured her that she should not be worry.

And she held his hand, looked into his tired eyes.

And she held his hand, told him everything.

He’ll nod and smile. He’ll answer with comforting words.


There’s one story, that she always asked him to repeat.

It’s a dream. A special dream he had before she was born to the world.

The dream was, “ … it’s about this woman. And different times in her life.

Different moments.

Some of them are sad, but most of them are happy.

And the woman was you.

And then I woke. Your mom was the one that woke me up.

And she said… “Archie, she’s here.”

She’ll always feel overwhelmed by that story.


Make him happy is easy, but to break his heart is even easier.

He always worry, she has type 1 diabetes

He always worry, she came home late.

He always worry, figure that it’s best to let her without mother

So they’ll never repeat the story of being left without explanation.

He always worry, he’ll never leave.


One day she dreamed of being in a church.

Everybody were there at her funeral except him.

He’s not there.

He came later, but standing still at the door.

“Why won’t you say good-bye?” she whispered,

“Please, just say good-bye.”

Instead, he hugged her. Close.

Then she saw it. The dream girl.


She opened her eyes and there he was

With tired look and watery eyes

His hand held hers.

He smiled, weakly.

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Six. Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Episthrope.


2 thoughts on “Archie*

  1. New theme, isn’t it? :))
    I kinda get mysterious feeling when read this poetry.
    Ballad-nya kerasa banget. Hehe. Puisi yang bagus :))

    1. Not really new, I’ve used it in the past, back when butterfly still bewitched me 😀
      But yeah, lately, I can’t stand still and keep searching what theme will fit my needs. For now, this theme will do.

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