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EF #7: Walkman

2012-04-15 16.10.56

if it's impossible to bring your gramophone
there's always a Walkman
today might be 21st century
where everything could be 
handle by your (smart)phone but
you have your style
and unless it's necessary
don't give in to (the mighty)technology

I was on my way back home from visiting Suropati Park. Back then, I leisurely enjoyed the park doing nothing but observing people (the rest was reading time in open space). Yeah, I guess that was it. I missed having me-time alone, so I initiated Sunday morning walk. It was not entirely walk, obviously, because Suropati Park was way too far from my house. I took Transjakarta bus and stopped at Latuharhari Shelter. I took a walk from there, passed Menteng Park and keep walking until I reached Suropati Park where there were some group of violinist making circles and playing harmony together.

It shouldn’t be about my trip but the photo, right? So, enough for the intro.

When I catches the bus to went back home, I didn’t realize it immediately. It was when I took the seat on the right side, one row behind, I noticed the Walkman she held dearly. It was a rare spectacle because I usually saw people having their earphone attached to their smart phone -listening music, disappearing into their own world to forget the hectic day.

I didn’t mean to judge, but I (kinda) thought maybe she didn’t have smart phone but still wanted to look like other people who wear earphone -maybe pretending maybe not- listening to music. Oh, it was a common thing (people with their ipod or music in their head -whatever apps it was) in mass public transport. Or maybe, she has just found her Walkman back and decided to use it again. Ah, who knows?


25 thoughts on “EF #7: Walkman

  1. If that was she decided to use her old walkman, I bet she had a good casette player inside. Because it’s so rare nowadays, people just download the music from anywhere. And don’t forget the batter! hehe

  2. a good old days when i can walk on the street wearing those earphone attached to my walkman. Now? I even forgot where I put those good old cassette.

    You walk from Latuharhari to Suropati? Wowww.. very long walk Ziy. And yes, a friend of mine said that there will be violin show every week. And I believe there is also Yoga there.

    1. Ryan, you are a truly Jakartan. Latuharhari is not that far from Taman Suropati.

      Indeed, they have violinists there. I used to do yoga in the park and sometimes the Instructor asked the violinists to play for us.

          1. Yap. Mba Ai is right. It’s not that far. Consider it’s morning, the air’s good.
            Nah, you won’t need food, but you might consider drinks. hehhe 😀

          2. It’s going to be a very long walk then. Hahaha. But 10 years ago I often walk from Thamrin to Suropati, though, and didn’t feel tired at all. Nowadays,… Hiks *looking at my tummy*

  3. Eh, it got pressed. I’m sorry :hehe
    What I mean is that the songs are sound better if we listen it through audio cassettes :hehe

  4. I know someone who collect and sell cassettes. For this person, a player like Walkman or videotape is considered precious.

    I don’t really like Walkman or ipod, for me the headset is a danger to my ears.

  5. That’s definitely a kodak moment Ziyy! My husband is another one who still owns some cassettes at home. LOL. He takes care of his things so well that those things are still usable after 12 years.

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