Patricia     She's no Persian breed nor 
 she's a Himalayan.         She's
just a fat  cat               with
light-brown fur
covering   her
back and white
covering   her
chest.   She's
clean   so  we
don't mind her
coming in  and 
 out of the house.            It's 
  not like she's our pet       but
    one day my nephew came up with
       a name for her: Patricia

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Four: Animal, Concrete Poetry and Enjambment. Today’s only the fourth day of writing 201: poetry but the form’s keep getting harder to catch up. I doubt that’s a poetry. I was too focused in making a shape out of words and not paying attention more to the content. Anyway, I’m glad enough to just do the challenge. I should try harder, I know. Maybe next time? 😉


6 thoughts on “Patricia

      1. It’s 7.10am, and I have been up all night!
        I think it took me about 5-6 hours.
        I did it twice, once on my office programme, because I like to keep a seperate record, and then again on the editor, because it scrapped my arrangement when I copied and pasted it.

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