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Moon, was in its full shape.

On the edge of a high cliff, he stood.

On the night that was dark and chill, he still.

Neither him, nor the moon, feeling cold.

Locked, their eyes met. Exchanging gaze, exchanging trust.

It was magic, a world that’s set up between them.

Glass in every warm feelings.

He got caught in a spellbinding silence.

Tender was the moon, looking at him like she’s ready to guide him into serenity.

Poetry, Day Three: Trust, Acrostic, and Internal Rhyme. I try to make an acrostic poems with the word: moonlight. Put the word trust in it and try adding the internal rhyme (underlined words). I hope it works just fine.

10 thoughts on “Moonlight

    1. No, I haven’t.
      It’s my first time. Hehhe 😀
      These past three days, all the format that have been introduced were new to me. I’m glad to have learned about them.

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