EF #6 Go Dok Mi

Week #6 BEC challenge: Here comes my alter ego!

Not only it is a tough challenge, it asked you to reveal yourself. Your secret. By the definition (at least from wikipedia), I assume that alter ego is a private matter. It requires a big heart to let other know about your alter ego. So I brave myself to write this post.

Friends from my high-school and college knew that I’m a quite cheerful person. Humble and makes a lot of friends. I am smart, socialized, active in organizations and have no difficulties to speak in front of people. That is me, a couple of years ago.

You know,Β  life-changing moments could drive people into someone he/she is not. I’ve experienced two life-changing moments that came at once: my college dropped me out and my mother died fighting breast cancer. I thought, maybe that was when this alter ego came into existence. At first, I was grieving. Then, I thought life is unfair to me. I pulled myself away from outside world. I pretended that everything will be fine, acting strong in front of others. But deep in my heart, I hate meeting people who came to me bringing together their pity for me. I didn’t like people to ‘read’ me and I realized that I feel comfort in solitary. I loved silence so much that I thought I could live alone by myself.

My alter ego is a loner . A bit like Go Dok Mi from Flower Boy Next Door.

But don’t worry, that alter ego of mine has not yet control myself. I might be no longer a cheerful person, but I am in somewhere between friendly and not talking too much. πŸ™‚

As I read this post again, why does it sound gloomy? I am so sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to. The point is, my alter ego is a loner. Unsocial person. And Go Dok Mi (before she met Enrique Geum) represents my alter ego.

29 thoughts on “EF #6 Go Dok Mi

    1. Faraziyya Post author

      Well, I realized that that college is not my place and about my mom, I don’t think I will perfectly over it. It’s been 4 years now, and I survived. I’m moving on just fine πŸ™‚

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  1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

    I’ve just known the first of the two life-changing moments… And I adore your toughness, Mbak Ziyy :* Sometimes, life indeed suprises us in so many ways with their silver lining comes after. But yah, that’s always easier said than done.


    1. Faraziyya Post author

      You don’t know me back then Nad, of course you just knew it now. The thing that hit me pretty hard is that the announcement took place just two days after I lost my mom. I’m still mourning, had no time to check it out and the news came through my friends. I lost words to express how I feel that time. But it’s okay, I’m fine now.


  2. Ira Marby

    The hardest day is what will make you stronger. I ever felt like you did. when I lost my son a year ago. And that’s the hardest day of my life.
    You’re a tough woman, you choose to be strong and keep yourself stand up.
    Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. Ailtje Binibule

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom and your study. Life hits us hard, but I am sure we will be stronger. Keep fighting and I am sure one day you will be standing cheerfully while reminiscing the hard time. Have a nice weekend Ziyy!


  4. ichasyahfa

    I do feel you, Mba. My dad passed away 3 years ago. It brought me down, I was so devastated and seemed to lose half of my life. But I’m grateful that my mom, brother, sisters, and friends keep encouraging me to move forward. Semangat, Mba Zi! πŸ™‚


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  6. Sekar

    i imagine if i am on your condition, what can i do for gone on to my next life, my future. With a similar situation but different way, i live with my single parent too now, and she’s an angel, a best friend, a wonderful parent, and a super mom! You know, if suddenly she get lost, i’m affraid, i will become a daze girl. :”) I’m sure, Allah has been giving you the best wisdom and all of the stories is good for you and for us. Semangat kak!


  7. Sarma

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