Sam dan Gabe

Sam and Gabe -1

Oke, baru kemarin (minggu) saya nonton Dear White People. Film ini mengkronologikan race-war yang terjadi di sebuah universitas prestisius di Amerika (sebut saja, Winchester University). Film ini digarap dengan independen, dan (katanya) memberikan warna baru tentang polemik rasisme yang ngga pernah usai. Mengambil setting sebuah kampus Ivy League, di bagian kredit film ini kita akan tahu bahwa film ini terinspirasi kisah nyata. Halloween annual party yang bertema ras tertentu (di film ini, temanya blackface) pernah ada. Dan ya, film ini dikembangkan berdasarkan pengalaman sang sutradara, Justin Simien, menjalani kehidupan kampus sebagai mahasiswa African-American.

“My film isn’t about ‘white racism’ or racism at all. My film is about identity. It’s about the difference between how the mass culture responds to a person because of their race and who that person understands themselves to truly be. All explored through the microcosm of a success-oriented Ivy League college.” —Justin Simien, director of Dear White People.


Sharp, witty, thought-provoking -you name it, this movie really has that elements. It’s good to watch, really. Karakter-karakternya  khas dan berlabel. Sam the rebel, Lionel the token, Troy the poster child dan Coco the Diva. Tapi memang yang paling menonjol (not to mention that she ‘drives’ the plot) adalah karakter Samantha ‘Sam’ White (Tessa Thompson). Benar apa yang dibilang Flavorwire bahwa Sam ini swagger tapi juga vurnerable. Heroine yang refreshing dan sangat menarik.

Di postingan ini, saya mau sedikit mengisahkan tentang romance antara Sam dengan Gabe (Justin Dobies). Sam, adalah ikon angry chick bagi Black Student Union sedangkan Gabe adalah seorang cowok kulit putih yang merupakan TA di kelas film dokumenter yang diikuti Sam. Hubungan mereka, kata Sam sih cuma fuck-buddy. Meski sebenarnya, lebih dari itu. Gabe beneran suka sama Sam, tapi Sam ngga mungkin untuk menjalin hubungan dengan Gabe karena perbedaan mereka sehingga Sam mengambil langkah yang salah: berpaling ke Reggie.

Gabe: Sam. Do you want me to tell him to go?
Sam: You’re so tough.
Gabe: I will.
Sam: No, I want you to wait until they’ve gone, and then I want you to head home.
Gabe: I’m trying to be here for you.
Sam: Can you be somewhere else for me?
Gabe: What do you see in him?
Sam: The only eligible single brother on campus.
Gabe: Okay, okay.
Sam: No, I get it. Your parents owned in Harlem, or something, right? You watched Do The Right Thing in high school, and now you just want to prove that you’re down.
Gabe: I want to be down? How long does it take to get your hair like that?
Sam: You don’t understand. Girls like me…
Gabe: What, have to pick a side? I’m sick of your tragic mulatto bullshit, Sam.
Sam: You can’t say “mulatto.”
Gabe: Mulatto, mulatto, mulatto!
Sam: Window. Go out the window.
Gabe: I’m sorry if I can’t be your Nubian prince on my black horse ready to take you back to fucking Zumunda.
Sam: That’s not a real African country.
Gabe: Can I at least get credit for a solid Coming to America reference?
This isn’t you, Sam.
Sam: No? And who am I?
Gabe: You’re this… girl.
Who likes to argue with me about every fucking thing. And I hate it, because we both know you’re smarter than me. Your favorite director is Bergman, but you tell people it’s Spike Lee. You love bebop, but you’ve got a thing for Taylor Swift. I know, because my Mac picks up your Mac’s library.
Sam: I was so careful.
Gabe: You like to watch me when you think I’m sleeping, and trace the outlines of my face. You’re more Banksy than Barack, but you’ve been co-opted as some sort of revolutionary leader or something?
But really?
You’re an anarchist, shit starter, a beautiful filmmaker. And beautiful… in general.
Sam: Gabe…
Gabe: What?
Sam: Sorry.

Iya sih, emang kisahnya ngga ‘wah’ atau gimana. Tapi justru karena keberadaan Gabe yang simply always there and could see through Sam ini yang bikin melting ❤

Dan Gabe yang bikin penonton Dear White People ini sadar bahwa Sam itu memang karakter yang outstandingly independent tapi juga cuma seorang gadis biasa yang bisa suka sama lagu-lagu Taylor Swift (as if it’s a big sin for a black-girl). I want this kind of man please! *ngarep

He Forgives You

Gabe: How’s Papa White?
Sam: Recovering.
Gabe: Good.
Sam: Well… We were actually on the phone last night for hours. It was the first time we talked since the bypass. And he was putting up a strong front, teasing me about being so worried. And then came the stories about me as a little girl that I’d heard 1,000 times. About how… independent I was.
Gabe: Want to talk about it?
Sam: My mom worked nights, so he’d always take me to school, and… it used to piss me off because he’d follow me all the way to homeroom. And whenever he’d try to hold my hand, I’d scream and… pull it away.
The students and the parents they’d see this white man and this black girl and they’d wonder what we were doing together. Even at nine, I could feel their eyes on me.
And I was just a bratty girl. I didn’t know any better, but the thought of losing him…
You know?
I, um…I just feel so bad.
How awful am I to do that to… him, or to anyone… that I…love.
Gabe: I’m sure he forgives you.
Sam: You think so?
(Gabe awkwardly -almost trying not to- smile)

8 thoughts on “Sam dan Gabe

    1. bukan ngga ngakuin sih, mengelak mungkin iya. karena intinya dy menempatkan penontonnya di angle minority people (di film ini people of color).
      gimana ngga kuat ttg racism mba, kata ‘race’ bertebaran di narasinya 🙂

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