#162 Salt

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I felt lucky to have read this collected poems by Nayyirah Waheed. Salt is a beauty. And though I am incapable to analyzed the poems, I’m okay with just enjoying it.

See, that is me. I love reading collected poems but I’m not an expert at poetry nor I am  a poet. I just love how they, the poets, sew the words and make them into a flowery narration in just few sentences. They are not magicians, are they?

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7 thoughts on “#162 Salt

  1. Love the poet about loving yourself! Surely it’s enough if i want me, even if the rest of the world don’t want me.
    Nice post :))

  2. Poetry always confused me with his words. Mostly it has several meanings, that makes me don’t understand it at all. It is great that you can enjoy them 🙂

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