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EF #4: I Bet Doraemon Did Not Have This

Actually, the prompt for the 4th English Friday is to answer this question:

For only one chance, what kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?

I knew that BEC wants us to have fun with this theme because it’s a matter of wondering. A touch to our imagining ability. Nothing serious. But I realized that it turns out a difficult topic for me. I can’t recall much about Doraemon’s magic tools except maybe for the door to everywhere and bamboo propeller  (did I translated it right?). I will definitely grab one or both but that’s not what I really want for now.

Instead of Doraemon’s magic tools, I think I’ll just rambling about a particular invention I’ve found from the book I’ve finished recently. Yep, I can always take something out from books I’ve read.

And it is a coffin.

not the exact representative but this will do


No. You’re not hearing it wrong. It is a coffin. A long black metal coffin that sits on four short rounded legs, and from the very middle of the bottom of it, a small pipe goes straight down to the power source. Inside the coffin, crisscrossing the bedding are metallic side tape with bandages (that I believed it is to hold the body). There are tubes, too, big and small, some disappearing into the sides of the coffin.

And what makes this coffin special?

It’s where the Lethe* process working. (check my review of More Than This – Patrick Ness, here)

The coffin is the place where you can sleep and disappear into online world. Don’t think this kind of online is the same with what we knew as online terminology now. Nope. It’s far improved. The online world here is the alternative world we can live in, where better chances waiting for us. Once we are there, Patrick Ness called it Link, we would have live a different life where the future will compromised the disaster we’ve been through and promising a good start.

You’ll be under permanent guard. You’ll get medical treatment when you need it. Your bodies will remain physically viable, including keeping your muscles toned, and we’ve just developed a hormone to keep your hair and nails from growing. We’re even on the threshold of actual reproduction and childbirth. This really is our best hope for the future.” (More Than This, page 345)

How does it sounds?

The idea is unbelievable. But it’s a fiction anyway, no limit for imagination. Sounds crazy enough BUT for once, I’d love to sleep in the coffin and connected to Link. Second chance is a topic that always intrigue me. Time traveling machine, back to the past and undoing mistakes, something like that. See, we are not free from doing mistakes and create a disaster out of our hand so second chance is one way to resolve it (if only, there’s any). This invention may fit the ones who always seeking for escape. Duh. Just like me 😦

*Lethe is the river of forgetfulness in Hades. So the dead don’t remember their former lives and spend eternity mourning them. Inspired by that, Link is the place where we can just forget the bad and living good possibility that once been blocked because we are incapable to reach it no matter what.

13 thoughts on “EF #4: I Bet Doraemon Did Not Have This

  1. Wow… full of imagination. Suddenly, I remember a movie which has similar concept with the online coffin of yours, Surrogates. It can blends a cyberspace with the reality in a secure way. It is quite interesting I think. Good english anyway…

  2. Second chance, second world. Hmm. Come to think about it, maybe I need one, too…
    But it’ll be very unpleasant to wake up from that coffin, because I have to face reality again, a world where I’m real, a world which is full with problems.
    Nah, life is full with problems. If life isn’t full with problems, don’t call it “life”.
    Now I’m asking myself where did I get that quote.
    Ah, forget it. Sorry for blabbering.

    1. No need to feel sorry, you’re welcome to give your insight here.
      And yes, it’ll be very unpleasant when we come back to face the ‘cruel’ reality after living the ‘paradise’, that’s why the people in the novel choose to just sleep through the process. Never to wake up. That’s where all questioning and fear begin.

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