EF #3: Gadget

Not until now that I think third week’s theme for English Friday is tricky. In fact, I have no idea of how to share my gadget experiences since I have nothing much to say. Duh

According to Wikipedia a gadget is a small tool as machine that has particular function, but is often thought as novelty.

And by novelty, Wikipedia refers it as new cultural phenomenon. So it’s unlikely surprising that nowadays the term of gadget was reduced to electronic tools like handphone, smartphone, or tablet. And that is what familiar to us when someone mentioned the word ‘gadget’, isn’t it?

I began to use handphone when I’m in my freshmen first year of high school. It was like 9 years ago. In the span of 9 years, technology accelerating so fast that I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up. Because the thing is, I’m no gadget nerd. I’m okay with just phone with the ability to make a call, sending messages, and connect to the internet (also, at least has one camera). But I can’t deny that innovation done to gadget nowadays has also fascinated me.

Many people say that gadget has distance oneself from another. Without knowing, we hang our lives on gadgets and gradually lacking person to person interaction because we grew attached to our gadgets. For me, it’s not 100% true. I rely on gadgets because it really makes things easier but I’m trying hard not to depend everything to gadgets.

I remember this young adult novel called Going Vintage. It’s about a girl whose heart is crushed by the fact that her boyfriend cheating with a virtual girl. She blame the technology and swear to never going to use 21st century’s technology again. Did she succeed?

Turns out that she was able to endure a week or two without phone and computer. That time when she’s not depending herself with what we call as gadget, she done things she never did before. Things that did not require brainy tools.

But in the end she realized that it won’t last long. The point is, she’s born in the era where everything surrounds her supported by gadget and brainy tools and not the era where all that has not yet invented. She’s not her grandma who lived in 1950 when technology is still limited. The point is, different situation needs a different requirement. Different treatment. And to be able to catch up with this era, she needs to accept that gadget was already ‘here’. She needs not to make it hard for herself but to compromise with that and be realistic.

Relating that story to mine is not difficult. I’m an old-fashioned girl. Always dream to be a part of 19th or 20th century generation where things happened to be simple and times flies in slow pace. I can relate to her because I know that freeing myself from brainy tools is somehow refreshing.

Today, going vintage (I’d love to) is not impossible BUT it is not applicable. It’s only relevant to comply with technology development. Don’t you agree?


20 thoughts on “EF #3: Gadget

  1. I really like the ending, not impossible yet not applicable as well.
    Benar banget kalau sekeras kerasnya usaha kita menjauh dari hape, toh kalau ada telepon pasti langsung diangkat..
    Salam kenal ya..! 🙂

  2. There are many words that are not gender-sensitive including chairman, policeman, man-made to name a few. Women can be a chairperson or police officer.

    So if I may suggest (and to be more gender-sensitive), the freshmen can be replaced with first-year.

    I hope you do not mind my comment. Have a nice weekend Ira.

    1. hihi.
      aku kira istilah freshmen yang familiar, soale seringnya baca di novel YA dapetnya istilah itu 😀

      thanks mba atas koreksinya 😉

      oia, kenapa mba manggil aku dengan Ira? panggil aja aku Ziyy mba :))

      1. Maaf ketuker sama Blogger lain si Ira. Aduh maaf maaf Ziyy.

        Bahasa yang lazim digunakan emang yang ga gender sensitif, tapi sekarang lagi banyak movement untuk menggunakan bahasa yang lebih gender sensitive.

  3. Ziyy you are one of a kind and I mean that in a positive way. It’s totally awesome that you didn’t get on the same wagon as the rest of us who sometimes find it difficult to part with our gadgets. Keep it up!

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