Coming Back Home

In early december, Dad decided to take my sister cousin’s offer to move into her place. For a month or longer, and take part in an acupuncture treatment. He’s so excited listening to her recovery story while getting acupuncture treatment there. And so be it, we’re moving.

The treatment started, Father wishfully thought that it was a right decision that we move. Well, it was. He began using his designed 4-feet crutch and not totally rely on his wheelchair. Still, the healing progress went slowly. No differences appeared much.

Meanwhile, I’m getting used to live in my sister cousin’s house. I befriend her daughter; Hanna and her pets; Stella and Jordan. Stella, a petite Persian breed cat while Jordan, a chubby Grey Himalayan breed. They’re my source of happiness while I’m here. Its nice knowing them. Listening stories from the innocent Hanna, laughing together over silly things and playing with the pets. Especially with Jordan, the naughty fur ball.

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But it also has been decided that we’re coming back home tomorrow, after considering the good and the bad in time we’re here. Though I miss my home, I long to stay here.


I’m sooo going to miss Jordan. Besides, coming back home means I need to face the heartbreaking reality changes (that I’m not going to mention here). Am I ready? Will I ever be ready?? T~T


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