Live Chat With (Abang) Sami

Jadi ceritanya, seharian kemarin saya baru buka inet pas malam hari, usai baca And The Mountains Echoed. Terus saya buka facebook, checking notification, eh di wall ada annoucement dari page Sami Yusuf kalo dalam waktu 15 menit mendatang akan ada live chat dengan abang Sami lewat gooole+. Impulsif banget, saya langsung aja ke tautan yang dikasih.

live chat with sami

Its really a first experience of doing live chat, for me (as i remember, i guess). And to watch abang Sami answering the questions (and having his motion face #eh) is a quite delight experience. Kekekeke

Did i asked him a question or two? Nope.

I’m a type of a fan that don’t dare having a direct conversation with someone i admire. It’d be easy for me to just watch and observe and listen. But nonetheless, it’s nice to watch and listen to him answering the question as eager as his fans did >.<

**Oia, saya udah lama ngga tau update lagu-lagunya, eh ternyata saya kelewatan video Wherever You Are dan All I Need (not to mention, he has done a few humanity song for the latest world disaster). Check this out:


6 thoughts on “Live Chat With (Abang) Sami

        1. Bukan mba. Kalo itu Maher Zain. Bang Sami ini musiknya lebih soothing dibanding lagunya maher yg lebih ear-catching. Bang sami jg suka main instrumen kayak biola & piano. Dy jg akademisi musik gtu di inggris sana.

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