Super Human

Kemarin lusa, benakku begitu terganggu setelah mendengar perkataan mereka.

Ditinggal bapak, anak-anak ‘jadi’. Ditinggal ibu, anak-anak ga terurus.

Yang mereka maksud itu kami, mah, sepeninggalmu. Papah yang sakit (dan belum juga sembuh), aku yang idle, adikku yang gagal sekolah dan rumah tangga yang terlihat sekali kelihangan jiwa seorang ibu di dalamnya. Jelas saja aku terganggu. Because it feels true, though its hurt so much that i’m writing this i feel like crying.

If only… If only.. So many if only that i want to argue but then us losing you is terminal. A fate.

Its your day, today, they said. An annual celebration for such super human-being called Mom. And today, when ‘Mom’ become a trending topic, i can’t deny my sadness. Such a shame that it also sounds like: after all this time i can’t overcome your non-existance.

Yet, my memory of you become less and less. I hate it but i can’t help it.

Oh, i miss to reach your warm hands and hold it tight. A little thing but a big loss to me.

Selamat hari ibu, Mah.

(will) Love (and missing) you, always.


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