Stuck In Love

I dont think i’m going to write a review about this movie, so this isn’t a movie review. But i’ll tell you a little about stuck in love.

Stuck in love is about Borgens and their love experiences.

Sang ayah, Bill Borgens, bercerai dari istrinya. Tapi sulit baginya untuk move-on, padahal istrinya sudah menikah dan hidup bersama laki-laki lain. Saking tidak bisa move-on, Bill stalk her ex-wife. He’d g that far, and stubbornly think that they’d reunite again, someday.

Anak laki-laki Bill, Rusty, diam-diam jatuh cinta kepada teman sekelasnya. Silent admirer. Gadis yang Rusty suka, sudah punya pacar. Dan dibandingkan Rusty yang nerd, Kate adalah gadis cantik dan populer (tapi punya drugs addiction problem).

Anak perempuan Bill, Samantha (Sam), adalah kebalikan Rusty. Bila Rusty adalah seorang hopeless romantic, Sam adalah realist. Sam adalah seorang bookish yang tingkat intelegensinya tinggi, tapi ia merasa hal tersebut justru menjadi penghalangnya dalam percintaan sehingga ia mengabaikan hal tersebut dan memilih menganggap cinta seperti pemuda barat umumnya: fisik and sex. Ditambah lagi ia kecewa dengan kenyataan ibunya yang meninggalkan sang ayah untuk laki-laki lain padahal ayahnya madly in love. But all of that turns out when she found Lou.

It’s a lovely romantic movie and a light one. If you’re like Rusty or me, a hopeless romantic, you’d heart this movie.

I’ve made a list of things indicating why i love Stuck in Love. Here they are:

1. Rusty (a hopeless romantic like me :-P) and his poem.

RustyIn the sea of desks,
there’s talk of games and bags
and long pipes that leak dreams
with the strike of a match.
And there’s a loudness
to the whispers i hear
Whispers shouldn’t be that loud, should they?
There’s a girl over there who everyone knows
and men without ears
who will stand by the door for a price.
In long halways, there are angry mobs of dwarves
and rats
and one single angel.

School, by Rusty Borgens.  A literature class assignment.

2. Bill Borgens come up with Flannery O’Connor saying, suggesting Rusty to ‘go get experience’. What i heart is Flannery O’Connor saying, because i feel it like.. so true.

Nothing needed to happen in a writer’s life after they were 20. By then they had experienced more than enough to last their creative life.
Flannery O’Connor

3. Two books i might looking forward to: Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary (Curious what’s hidden gems in it that makes both Sam and Lou dream to be a writer) and What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver, a collection short stories.

4. A nice guy who read books and dream to be a writer like Lou.

5. A distracting song, Lou’s favorite, called Between the Bars by Elliott Smith.

The second video is Between The Bars covered by The Civil Wars. Its more mellow. But i like both of them.


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