Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

The idea:

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NIGHTTIME. 

at yesterday's dawn. not far from my house
at yesterday’s dawn. not far from my house

I’m so into this theme. Yeay! It’s full moon! It’s my favorite moment of night time. I was always aware of the time when moon in it’s full shape. The full moon has calming effect for me. When the full moon happens, i become someone who’s happier. When the full moon happens, it wipe away my uneasiness. It calm my heart, my mind. I become someone better, well, i mean i feel a lot better by having my time staring at full moon every night it’s available in every month (of Lunar calendar).

I remember i’ve ever in some sad situation. That night i was in a bus on my way home. I cried on my way home, i was really sad because some uneasy circumstance. Then i look up to the night sky through the window, it was full moon time. I starred at it. Voila! I smiled. Then i take my time starring the full moon to refill my energy. Hihhi. Silly, wasn’t i? But trust me, the full moon has that effect for me. As i told you before, the full moon calmed me, made me happier, and kinda mood booster no matter how short i starred at it. In my native, the full moon was like ‘penyemangat jiwa’.

How about you? The full moon meant to you in what way?


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