Writing Challenge| Day 9


The prompt of the 9th day of writing challenge was writing a love story, but i’ve decided that i’m doing a retelling. Actually it was originally a music video for a song called Gomawo, Gomawo (Thankyou, Thankyou) from Ra. D, a korean solo singer.

There was a girl, she accidently met a boy at library and found him attractive. She began to stalk him. Fortunately, not in a creepy way but a in a cute way. Till he found her eyes on him. He smiled. And they find their way to get to each other. The girl, she wrote everything about the boy in her journal. Every little things about him and when she was with him, it filled her journal.

But, just like any other relationship, their’s found a hard moment too. The girl decided to end it, threw away the engagement ring. The boy decided to let her. It was untill he found her journal, he realized that he just did a mistake. He shouldn’t let her go, he shouldn’t let someone that love him as much as her do to just go away. Instead, he should give her his gratitude. He should tell her a thankyou.

The Music Video

You should really watch it, guys. So you can relate what i’ve story-told you just now. Well, its beautiful though. I got tangled on my first watching it. I’ve cry. I hearted it. It’s sweet.  And the casts, not really beautiful but fitted perfectly on the frame. Well, just watch it, okay? 😉


3 thoughts on “Writing Challenge| Day 9

    1. tau ngga yang gendut itu siapa?
      famous loh di kalangan pengikut Running Man, dy Go Dong Wan; the master of disguise. Emang kocak karakternya XD

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