Writing Challenge| Day 5

A letter to nobody

Writing long letter seems old-fashioned yet adorable. i’d like myself to write one but somehow i couldn’t. Writing letter means you put through your recent condition, and most of it, your feelings into words. Address it to someone that you know exactly they’d appreciate (more than that, answer) your story. Or maybe it was as simple as writing a letter to somebody you want to talk to, though you couldn’t because of the distance or another reasons.

In my condition, oh really, i’ve never had a pen pal. Never. I’ve never wrote a letter to any body (as long as i remember). That’s why I can’t picture how it feels like. On the other hand, i’m not in condition to push myself to make one. I just dont.


Honestly, if i’m gong to write a letter, i’d like to address it to my aunty or my little sister or my soulmate. But that was very privacy, for me. So i dont dare myself writing it here. Exclude them, i dont have anyone in my mind to write my letter to, so i decide it was a letter to nobody. Hpfht. It doesn’t even a letter 😦



Maaf ya, postingan writing challenge 5 ini jadi didebel di hari keenam. But yesterday was like, i really didnt have any ‘appetite’ to write.


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