Attention: Writing Challenge

i’ve ever said to myself, and to anyone arround, that i’d be a writer. But up till now, i’m still nothing. Well, i’m a blogger and a reviewer but i had none soliter novel/book. Not yet.

I grab this challenge to recall the times i enjoy writing. I’ll try my best to complete this challenge, writing everday in two weeks. I planed to begin this writing challenge by tomorrow on. So then, see you around.


49 thoughts on “Attention: Writing Challenge

        1. engga sih, fin.
          tp demi membntuk yg namanya kebiasaan menulis, sekali km mulai challengenya, itu dilakuin selama 2minggu berturut2 setiap hari dgn tema yg ada digambar.


  1. Salam kenal, Fara. Aku abis jalan-jalan di blognya Ayana dan ketemu writing challange di blog Fara ini. Menarik banget. Semoga bisa ikutan πŸ˜€


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