Daily Prompt: The Natural World

The idea:

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

Photographers, artists, and poets: show us NATURE.


Credit: Siti Nurhardianti

Poorly, i have my  first memento of nature was about 2 years ago. Don’t ask me, where have you been? or other similar question. I had no answer. Maybe it was because i am such a loner. a-true-loner. nothing to be impressed about it though 😐

I walked up to the hill, somewhere not far from Sentul -West Java. I was with my 2 other friend. We tracked the road up to the hill, searching for a hot spring. We were exhausted, it took us hours to find one. But it feels good. Feels like i’m fulfilled, somehow. I look up to the sky, acting like i let the sun ray run through my fingers. Ah, its like i became one with the pine tree, accepting the warm of the sun. It was awesome. Totally awesome.

I’d rather choose to live near the forest or the hill, filling my lung with breeze everyday. But i can’t deny the me that grow up in the city. I can’t handle the needs of technology, i grew up with the easiness built in the city. But, maybe latter, i’ll make sure myself experience both: the nature and the modern.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Natural World

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  7. diannaekbecak

    i think i know what the moment you’ve shared.. i really miss that moment also.. feel free with my self, exploring n challenging nature around that i don’t know yet.. and feel confident that i could find some “crazy” and “unsual” thing to do with my lovely buddies 🙂



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