#sederhana -1

Kouhei : Boss! What are you doing here?

Sachou: Cant you see? a ramen nightstand (she smiled, brightly)

Kouhei : -eating ramen-
Kouhei : oh, its good!

Sachou: Back in the day,
             There was this nightstand i visited when i troubled
             The oldman running it, would listen to my complain about my life.
             He’d says things like, “you’ve got it rough” or “it’ll all work out”
             Just a couple encouraging words
             That alone would reassure and upport me
             Eventually, i thought to myself, that i would like to do the same for others.

Chapter 10 (final) Boku to star no 99 nichi


3 thoughts on “#sederhana -1

  1. sang manager, perempuan dalam gambar, memilih mundur dari manajemen agen security dan mengambil mimpi kecilnya menjadi penjual ramen yang membuka fungsi lain: mendengar. mendengar yang juga menabah-nabahkan pelanggan yang memakan mie ramennya saat bertemu kesusahan.

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